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69°N 51°W

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“69°N 51°W” is an illustration book and music album that recorded and narrated my journey to Iceland and Greenland in 2012. It tells the stories of the people I encountered and the enlightenment that was given to me by the extraordinary natural environment.

A visual or image is created from the combination of points, lines and surfaces, and the work 69°N 51°W incorporates lines only. The pieces appear aesthetically complex, yet extremely minimal, using a single stroke weight, zero overlaps and structural patterns to construct an astounding art piece.

Thousands of hours were spent in order to complete the extremely detailed illustrations in the book. It required a high degree of concentration, mental fortitude and even physical strength.

The cover of the book is made with a snow-like special paper, the snowflakes pattern with hot stamping effect is transparent as ice, in order to give a glimpse of the inside-cover, which is a blizzard illustration. This design represents the main theme of the book: The most difficult journey… is the one that lies within ourselves.

Integrating the imagination of words, the visual stimulation of graphics, and the emotional affection of music, it is an exemplary work of crossing boundaries.

In 2013, I became the winner in the fourth Young Writers’ Debut Competition.

Music album: download here


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